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Welcome to the Wiki of the Light Within. Inside you will find recaps of the previous session and some insight on future sessions. As the world begins to expand and the content becomes overwhelming, all the lore will be located within the Wiki to help you keep track with what is happening in the world of Alcaran!

Session Summary Edit

The World of Alcaran Edit

Alcaran, a world designed by two brothers before time itself. With a vision of glory in mind, Doriath and Rion worked endlessly to create a world that fit the personalities of one another. Rion created the core and later expanded on it creating a spheroid shaped world. With the foundation set, Doriath set on bringing the world to life. With every attempt however, Doriath failed. He aimed to create a being similar to himself and with no experience in doing so, created a problem. In his attempt, strange variations of life forms began walking the world. In the eye of Rion, these creations were abominations. Disappointed in his brothers attempt at forming life, he cleansed the world of the life forms and continued to do so with each and every failure.

With no time for reference, it's hard to accurately state how long the two worked on creating life forms similar to their image, but it is safe to say the tension grew between the two in the process. Although Doriath began improving with each creation, it sickened him to see his brother begin to take pleasure in the mass slaughter of his design. It was then that Doriath made the first, perfect creation. This however displeased his brother Rion, for there must only two gods in this existence and Doriath's creation rivaled that of his own existence. Doriath pleaded with Rion to spare the life of his creation for he was proud. He had managed to embody a nature of purity and light within a vessel that walked on their creation. A deal was formed that all creations are to be stripped of their godly attributes with only the vessel and soul remaining. With an agreement in place, the two began working on populating their world with a set template of creation. Doriath however felt unsatisfied and began implanting the godly attribute into a select few behind his brothers back.

It was then that time began and the brothers watched in silence as their creation expanded into the world of Alcaran.

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